Sarah Clark directional life coach


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Change is inevitable, how you deal with it isn’t

What do I do?

I help adults, teenagers and children to navigate the impact of changes in our lives that we all have to deal with.

I help you to be more confident, less anxious and gain clarity on what you want from your future life and more importantly what the future ‘You’ looks like!

Who do I work with?

I work with children as young as 7 up to adults of any age but what they are all struggling with confidence, self-belief or anxiety levels, or a life event/change has made them re-assess what they want from life. They are not sure how to move forward or what they want to move forward to.

Why choose me?

I am focused on making children’s, teens and adults lives better, helping to build confidence, self-belief and resilience in todays fast paced and often pressurised world! But I will let my clients tell you……

“Totally safe and supportive environment.”

— Victoria

“Wonderful listener.”

— Heather

“Very thoughtful, insightful and effective.”

— Jojo

“Made me think differently.”

— Clarice

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